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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance  may be a great option for your business. With an MCA your business receives a lump sum of working capital upfront which is paid back from a portion of your daily credit card volume.

Repayment tends to be rapid and the application process is quite fast. Read on to see if an MCA loan from Berkman is right for your business.

How it Works

A Merchant Cash Advance is not the same as a loan from a bank. MCAs are a type of unsecured advance of funds. With an MCA, repayment is covered by a percentage of your daily credit card processing volume.

Together, we will set up a repayment mechanism that allows us to automatically deduct an agreed-upon percentage (this percentage is typically called the retrieval rate) of your credit card sales every day.  As long as your business continues to process credit cards with a legitimate payment processor, you won't miss a daily payment.

With an MCA there is flexibility. The more credit card transactions your business processes, the faster you'll be able to repay the advance. Should card transactions be lower on any given day, the amount paid back that day will also be less. This means that during times of slow business, you won't have to worry about making a large monthly payment.

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Minimum Credit - 480


6 months of being an established business in your state.


Operating out of a business bank account.


Minimum deposit revenue of $8,000.00 a month.

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