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Merchant cash advances (MCAs) are often best suited for industries with certain characteristics that align well with the structure of this financing option. Here are industries that are often considered suitable for merchant cash advances


Companies in the transportation industry, such as trucking or logistics, can benefit from MCAs to manage operating costs or invest in vehicle maintenance.


Construction companies dealing with project-based income and periodic cash flow challenges can use MCAs to cover immediate expenses.

Food Distribution

Restaurants, cafes, and hotels can benefit from MCAs to manage cash flow during seasonal variations. The repayment structure, tied to credit card transactions, aligns with the variable income common in this industry.


Businesses in the retail sector, such as clothing stores or restaurants, often experience fluctuating sales. MCAs can provide quick cash injections during slow periods and are repaid based on daily credit card sales.


Online businesses that generate revenue through credit card transactions can use MCAs to fund inventory purchases, marketing campaigns, or technology upgrades.


Whether you own a private learning institution, music school, driving school, child care center, or even a test prep facility, Berkman Financial is here to help your business run smoothly. 


Medical and dental practices can use MCAs to cover immediate expenses, such as equipment purchases or renovations, with repayments based on daily revenue.


Service-oriented businesses, like consulting firms or marketing agencies, can leverage MCAs for quick capital to invest in marketing campaigns, employee training, or technology upgrades.

Industry not listed?

If your business has been operational for a minimum of six months and consistently receives monthly revenue deposits of at least $10,000 in your business bank account, we are here to assist you!

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