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What makes us different? As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how difficult running your own business can be. We created Berkman Financial to make one of the most aggravating aspects of business ownership easy – Access to Capital

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Small Business Loan

Why you Shouldn’t Fear A Small Business Loan

When you say the word small business loan, people have a tendency to shake in their business shoes. This is especially true when you mention a Merchant Cash Advance or {MCA}. But, we want to clear up one very important thing right out of the gate: A MCA is not a loan. Yes, you can…

Bad credit

Excellent ways of getting business Loan with Bad Credit

It is evident that having bad credit is one of the paramount obstacles to obtaining financing for your business because you are considered as a client with risk who might fail to pay a loan back. Until you improve your credit score, you will not fit the standard requirements that conventional banks have to follow.…

Working capital loan

Best Working Capital Loan Benefits for Small Businesses

Currently, small businesses are growing at a fast rate. For you to succeed in this business, you need to make sure that you have additional funds to help you get out of the financial constraints that may arise. Note that even an established business may be sued if it fails to pay its monthly bills.…

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