Partner With Berkman Financial

With large, traditional banks making it increasingly difficult to obtain loans and lines of credit, businesses are left scrambling for options. At Berkman Financial, our goal is to fill this void by making access to capital easy, cheap, transparent, and fast. As opposed to other companies that purportedly offer small business loans by simply brokering them, here at Berkman Financial we can provide the capital to your business principally. That means better pricing, faster closing times, and more flexible terms.

Our goal

Our goal is provide you with not only the capital you need to grow, but also our full spectrum of resources and experience to add value any way possible. Our seasoned professionals have significant experience in a variety of industries and disciplines. We work with our clients post-funding to help them find additional efficiencies to maximize profitability.

While there is certainly no obligation or requirement to take advantage of these services, we find that another set of eyes never hurts. And best of all it is completely free without any strings attached.

Trusted Partner

At Berkman Financial, we aim to become a true partner and resource for your business. Support doesn’t stop once you receive capital. Post-funding support is offered, FREE OF CHARGE, to every business we work with. We provide a free consultation in one the following verticals of your choice:

  1. Expense Reduction Analysis

  2. Strategic Planning Review

  3. Sales & Marketing Strategy

  4. Competitive Landscape Analysis

  5. Financial Road-mapping