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At Berkman Financial we know healthcare professionals face challenges in obtaining capital to cover their operating expenses. Typically, cash flow can be inconsistent and at times unpredictable. Whether you need money for new equipment, bridging the gap in cash flow while waiting on slow insurance reimbursements, or just to cover payroll, we are here to help your business run smoothly. We understand the challenges Healthcare professionals face and are uniquely poised to help to grow your business. Contact us today!

Financing from Berkman can...

  • Provide you with the capital you need for renovations or expansion
  • Cover the cost of inventory, parts, tools or new equipment
  • Provide necessary cash flow for payroll or daily expenses
  • Help you fund new marketing campaigns.
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Over 60% of small business loan applications are rejected by banks each year. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that traditional banks make it difficult for small businesses to obtain a working capital loan. Berkman Financial works with a myriad of small businesses with varied credit backgrounds. We proudly serve a multitude of industries offering personalized financing solutions for every size and type of business.