Who We Are

Berkman Financial specializes in providing funding for a wide assortment of businesses in a variety of sectors. We work with over 500 different industry groups including (but not limited to): Construction, Manufacturing, Restaurants & Bars, Retail Stores and Transportation & Trucking.

What We Offer:
  1. Quick and Easy application so time sensitive projects are met with ease.

  2. Quick, temporary loans bridging gaps for supplies that are needed while payments are being received by utilizing bridge finance options.

  3. Experience working with bad credit due to the unforeseen risks that contractors face in the economy.

  4. Small business loans for obtaining equipment needs before a project can even begin: safety barriers, construction materials and supplies, forklifts etc.

We Service


Restaurants & Bars

Commercial Plumbing Distribution

Food Distribution

Roofing Companies

Transportation & Trucking


Salons / Spa’s

... and more