What You Didn’t Know About an Unsecured Line of Credit

Unsecured Line of Credit

Is there a need for funds for any business? Does anyone need an unsecured line of credit in their business? Using an unsecured line of business credit makes an entrepreneur get rid of the stress related to getting late payment from customers, last-minute PC malfunction, and surprisingly wipes away issues related to cash flows in the business.

With the help of such a line of credit, any business person would no longer need to worry about such issues and would be able to concentrate on other essential tasks in their business fully. Here is what all that needs to be known about the unsecured line of credit.

A general outline of this line of credit in a business

The best part about using an unsecured line of credit is that they get much faster approvals as compared to the secured ones. Moreover, they require less amount of paperwork. Apart from these advantages, there exist a few drawbacks as well.

But as compared to the secured line of credit, the unsecured loans are quite tough to attain because, for them, an improved credit score of the businessperson is required. The reason behind such a requirement is that collateral, or any assets do not secure the unsecured line of credit. Though such a loan gets fast approvals, they also involve a higher rate of interest.

When to go for an unsecured line of credit?

Here are some pointers, which indicate that such an option of credit will be suitable to opt for in a business.

  •    When the business person’s credit rating is quite good
  •    There aren’t much assets or collateral to backup a secured line of credit
  •    The instant need of cash in a business
  •    In case of a new business, which doesn’t have an established history of credit can also guarantee such a loan with the use of their credit history
  •    There isn’t any need for stress even if a person has just started with his/her business since new business can also qualify for the unsecured line of credit using its business plan. But in such a scenario, the loan amount might initially be quite low
  •    The qualifying amount depends on a variety of factors such as years in the trade, credit rating, expenses incurred by the business, revenue earned by the business, and many other factors as well

Merchant Cash Advance to finance a Business

The essential function of the Merchant cash advance is for fulfilling the financial requirements of a medium to a small-sized business owner. Merchant cash advance has quite a few advantages for a business. Its unique advantage is that it tailors itself to the needs of the individual business owners.

Moreover, there isn’t any need to qualify for a minimum set credit score. And like any other unsecured line of credit, Merchant cash advance does not require any minimum value of a credit score rating to be able to qualify for such an advance. Therefore, business owners who have a low credit rating can also make use of such an advance to cover the fund requirements in their business.

Moreover, with no use of collateral, they no more need to stress about losing their assets or collateral. Apart from this, there isn’t any fixed payment associated with a Merchant cash advance. Such a feature is a boon for owners who face weakening sales or any other financial trouble.

The payments in case of a Merchant cash advance come from a meager percentage of the debit card and credit card sales. So this way, during weakened sales, a business owner’s payment amount automatically gets lowered.   

How to qualify for the Merchant Cash Advance?

For being able to receive the Merchant cash advance, a lender typically needs that the business has had at least operated for a time of 3 months. The lender also requires a document containing the gross amount of monthly sales done by the business of an amount of $7500 or even more, no amount of open bankruptcies, and $3000 or even more amount of the business’s gross amount of monthly credit card sales.

Apart from these, for the offer and its approval, the lender requires seeing business’s bank statements of last four months. An owner can even get the funds in as less as three business days after placing a request for a Merchant cash advance.

Apart from Merchant cash advance, various other types of unsecured line of credit for borrower exist in the market. They are the top few listed ones and are explained below in detail.

  1.    Student Loans: It is quite a beneficial thing for students who require money to fund their education themselves. Also, such loans do not need any previous history of credit rating.
  2.    Signature Loans: Such a loan is secured through the signature of the borrower. Credit unions and banks usually offer them.
  3.    Line of Credit: Any financial institution lends this type of loan. Generally, the borrower needs to have his or account with the financial institution.
  4.    Payday Loan: This type of loan has become quite popular in the category of unsecured line of credit. This loan is borrowed from the non-financial business, and the borrower obtains a sum, which is enough to cover his or her expenses until the next paycheck is received. The only flaw associated with such a loan is that they carry substantial interest rates.
  5.    Credit Cards: A credit card helps the borrower in borrowing cash from a credit card issuing company for purchasing at the immediate moment, with the intent to repay it at a further date.

This article is all about the unsecured line of credit and its various kinds and types. Merchant cash advance is an excellent type of unsecured credit for people who need instant funds, without any hassles related to assets and collateral. Moreover, these unsecured lines of credit do not require any history of good credit ratings.   

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