Cash Advance Funding in 2017

cash advance funding

2017 is the year of innovations. We have achieved the autonomous car, and the Blockchain revolution is just around the corner. And yet, our cash advance funding Bank system is still quite archaic.

Even with so many upgrades and electronic evolutions, the basic banking system of the world today is still based on one created one hundred years ago. How is it possible that we are still suffering from a stagnating centralized system that provides us nothing but bureaucratic restrictions and corporate oligarch tyranny?

We most definitely need an update and it can come from Merchant Cash Advance’s decentralized democratic system that provides any business owner the cash advance funding he/she deserves. To understand further about this new financial system, we will have to go deeper into its working and understanding.

The workings of Merchant Cash Advance

The workings of Merchant Cash Advance are quite simple, all you have to do is approach an independent lender of your choosing and send him/her the proposal for your loan. If the lender likes the prospectus, which he/she will due to MCA’s high acceptance rates, you will be called upon for a meeting.

In the meeting, both the business owner and the Independent lender can stand on an equal stage and negotiate the terms of the agreement before signing it. After the signing is done, both parties go their separate ways and the transfer of cash advance funding is completed to the business owner’s account in a lump sum. The entire process is so rapid that it can be finished in just twenty-four hours.

The business owner is then free to use the money however he/she wants, and whenever he/she feels like it. But on every credit card sale that the business owner makes, by selling his/her goods and services, a portion of every transaction is automatically transferred to the lender via an independent sales organization. This repeats itself until the loan is repaid along with an added interest.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advance

On a closer inspection of Merchant Cash Advance, it is a means of commerce that takes the power of banks and smashes it to smithereens. It gives people the ability to attain funding for their business, back into their hands. The centralized system of banks has long been debunked as being nothing more than a means to control people.

Due to recent innovations, cash advance funding has never been easier with the help of Merchant Cash Advance.

The benefits of Merchant Cash Advance are clear and a few of them are as follows:

  1.       Installment free fund transactions
  2.       More transparent and democratic process
  3.       Faster processing time
  4.       Zero restrictions on the usage of the fund
  5.       Easier repayment without any bounds
  6.       No need for collateral
  7.       Bad credit history is accepted

All of these reasons quantify together to challenge the very dominance of banking system and exposes their impunity in meeting the cash advance funding needs of a modern businessman. So, it is no wonder that business owners are flocking towards the new era of corporate finance, an era of Merchant Cash Advance.

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