Merchant Cash Advance: The best option for business lending

Business lending options

Business is an art of working hard, using your ingenuity and your skills to get ahead in life. It challenges you at every point and it makes your question your sanity from time to time. But one thing that business teaches us is the fact that nothing is ever constant.  And money is just something liquid, which flows from one place to another, but with a business, you have the power to change its course.

But to change the course of this unforgiving, capricious, and nonchalant force still requires an amount of labor and capital investment, and to surpass your limits of the day before, you need a substantial amount of funds. This loan option is completely different than the one that is used by non business lenders in many ways.

  •    Business lending requires a hard and fast transaction.
  •    Business lending can require negotiations.
  •    Business lending is not necessarily used in the same way it was proposed to be.

All these reasons are why non traditional lending options and banks do not jell up together at all. Firstly, banks take too much time to process your loans, which can be disastrous in terms of emergencies. Secondly, business owners do not play well with the banks’ terrible and ponderous bureaucracy as it takes their biggest strength away; the power of negotiations. Banks also put restrictions on the way you are supposed to use your loan money, which prohibits you from using it in any other way. And as every business owner knows, the requirement of money in one place can change into another place they very next instance.

So where can the business owners go to get better business lending options?

Merchant Cash Advance as a business lending option

Merchant Cash Advance comes as a boon to business owners as it provides them with the best possible business lending options. The way Merchant Cash Advance works is by directly dealing with the lenders. Using Merchant Cash Advance as a business lending option makes the whole process more like a business deal than a banking loan.

The process of Merchant Cash Advance:

  1.    The prospective debtor approaches the lender with his/her proposal.
  2.    The proposal entails with the business prospectus, the future predicted earnings, documents, and the expected loan amount.
  3.    The proposal is then reviewed by the lender, who does not care about the debtor’s credit, and the approval rate is much higher than the banks.
  4.    The lender then approves the proposal and calls the debtor for negotiations.
  5.    The lender and the debtor then proceed to make negotiations on equal terms and decide the mode of repayment that suits both of them.
  6.    The loan is sanctioned soon afterward and the debtor receives the advance in a lump sum.
  7.    The repayment goes to the lender directly by the future credit card sales of the debtor.

No time is wasted, no pain of monthly repayments is endured, and there are no restrictions on the way the money can be used by the business owner. So, Merchant Cash Advance really is the best business lending option for small business owners out there..


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