Why you need Merchant Cash Advance

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They say that the business industry is just like an ocean. It is filled with multi-billionaire sharks and small fishes. If you’re a business owner and unless you’re someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, it’s most likely that you fall in the other category.  We get it; swimming with the sharks can be really scary.

But you are not afraid to dive, as you intend to spend and dedicate the rest of your life in expanding your business so that someday you can become a shark yourself.  Still, it has been a while and even after spending every waking moment thinking, planning, working harder than anyone in your life, you’ve only managed to make your yearly growth Excel just a little.

By this time, you were supposed to at least be a small shark yourself, you were supposed to gallop in the deepest of depths of this massive ocean and increase your business exponentially. Now, you are beginning to realize that maybe ingenious and innovative strategies, hard work and labor are not the only things you need to become a shark. You also need a catalyst in the form of working capital.

Now, you have spent hours going through hundreds of banks and their various schemes and none of them seem to be getting your problem right. They are too monopolized, slow, ponderous, or just plain out of your league to work with.  But there is another way.

Introducing Merchant Cash Advance, a business initiative that helps you attain that precious working capital for exponentially expanding your business and you pay for it using your future credit/debit card sales percentage. This percentage is completely negotiable with the dealer and can be taken over your agreed period of time.

Merchant Cash Advance: An explanation

In the world of business, money flows like the tides in an ocean. You, being a fish, can ride those waves and excel towards the deeper, more resource filled areas of the ocean, which you can then use to grow yourself. But unlike real tides, these monetary tides flow when investors and lenders choose for them to flow towards you.

In simple terms, Merchant Cash Advance is one of the simplest ways of attaining working capital, as it demands that you venture and directly deal with the lender yourself. You do your own research on the lender, ask for his/her guidelines, show him/her your demands and existing business prospectus, and then negotiate the deal you can both agree upon. Then, you just sign the agreement and you get your money in a lump sum, completely hassle free.

However, Merchant Cash Advance does not work like banks, which have to follow certain governmental rules and regulations; instead, they are powered by independent companies and lenders. So, the interest rates on any Merchant Cash Advance deal are, in general, a bit higher than that on the banks.

Why should you go for Merchant Cash Advance?

The easiest answer to that question is that because the advantages of working with Merchant Cash Advance outweigh its disadvantages and also beats the bank loans. And, here they are:

  1.    Hassle free dealings:

If you apply for a business loan with a bank, you are asked to fill countless forms, waste plenty of time in meetings, and have to deal with many levels of executives. As the loan proceedings happen on their terms, you never truly feel that it is a deal on equal terms. Afterward, which in business terms seems like forever, you then submit all your documents and if a single thing does not match their criteria, then the whole loan is worthless.

While, on the other hand, working with Merchant Cash Advance gives the complete power of proceedings to you. It is a true business deal, as both parties understand that nobody is doing this with the goodness of their heart. Both, the lender and the receiver want to make a profit out of the deal. You wish to use the working capital to advance your business, while the lender wishes to invest his money for some sweet returns. So, the whole process is hassle free and happens on equal terms.

  1.    It is fast paced:

Working with banks is like making a business deal with a sloth. No matter how many times they tell you that you are important to them and that your time is precious, they still never seem to understand the concept of urgency. We know how it feels; it makes our blood boil as well.

But, dealing with a Merchant Cash Advance dealer is a real business deal. And, both parties understand the value of time in business and no one has enough time to waste. So, you go straight into the deal, sign the agreement, and get your working capital as fast as you can.

  1.    Better repayment:

We all know how the repayment works with banks. Even after so much pain of dealing with their never ending ‘standard’ procedures, you have to take the pain of sending installments every month. And God forbid, you forgot it (because you are not busy working on your business or anything), you have to pay extra in fines and deal with more of their obnoxiousness.

Merchant Cash Advance, on the other hand, offers a much better mode of repayment of the loan of your working capital. Once you get your money and start working hard on expanding your business, the repayment is automatically taken from your future credit/debit card profits. Meaning, every time a customer of yours purchases anything from you, a small, agreed upon, a percentage of that money goes directly to your lender. And since you are too busy working, you will not even notice when the full amount will be repaid with interest.

So, opting for Merchant Cash Advance to avail working capital in order to expand your business has its advantages over taking bank loans. It depends upon you and your business mind on how you make the best choice. But of course, there are risks, but swimming with the sharks always does.

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